My name is Lori Black Ogene, a Divorce With Dignity Provider. My mission is to promote amicable divorce services and save you time, money and frustration during this very difficult time. Everyone deserves a divorce that is fair, easy, and affordable.

Many couples spend a fortune in legal fees because they do not know the law and/or just assume they have to fight; they do not understand that you do not need an attorney if you are willing to work together.


We provide the following services:

Divorce planning and facilitation: If you're not sure of what you want to do, this meeting will educate you on the process and evaluate all your issues to see where you may or may not be in agreement and then come up with an informal plan. We specialize in amicable divorce (also known as uncontested divorce or collaborative divorce).

Mediation: If you're not in agreement on some of your issues, we help you reach an agreement through mediation. As mediators, we are neutral third parties and work with you to resolve disagreements and move through the process amicably.

Legal documents: Once you're in agreement, we process and file your documents with the court so that you do not even need to appear in court.

More About Lori:
Lori Black Ogene is a seasoned attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, with over 20 years of litigation experience.

I have seen the mental and emotional turmoil caused by the litigation process --not to mention the expense. Most divorcing clients spend at least $350 per hour for a divorce attorney. On top of that, these legal proceedings can be unnecessarily traumatic and bewildering, since most couples are just trying to understand the process while it's happening.

I started DWD in Miami, in 2010, where my practice was split evenly between litigation and amicable divorces. I relocated back home to Monterey, California in 2018, and am excited to focus completely on the amicable process -- helping you get through it as easily as possible and saving you thousands of dollars.


Juris Doctorate Degree, Southern University Law Center, Baton Rouge, LA, May 1992, Graduated Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts, Print Journalism, Southern University and A&M College, April 1989, Dean's List

Professional Recognition:

Admitted to Florida Bar: 1993

Certified Mediator: 2015

Outstanding Performance Award, 2nd Annual Regional Child Welfare Conference, September 2007

Shooting Star Leadership Award, Department of Children and Families, July 2007

My Commitment:

I will provide you with quality family law assistance and help you achieve an amicable divorce that is easy, safe and affordable - saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.