Why mediate with us?

Monterey Divorce Mediation will get you through the divorce process with compassionate and affordable help.

  • Rates are lower and no up-front retainer is required.
  • The mediation process can be much faster than going to court.
  • The attorney prepares a legally binding agreement based on your decisions; you never have to go to court or let someone else decide for you.
  • Your mediated agreement is private.
  • Stress and conflict are reduced, which is much better for everyone involved, especially children.

In the majority of family law cases, mediation is much better than litigation.

We will help you resolve your divorce quickly, often in as little as five (2-hour) meetings.  We will give you the legal information and support you need in order to get closure on all financial matters.  Meeting in combination with a family law attorney and an experienced mediator will ensure the lowest cost and highest quality outcome for your divorce.  Call us for more information at (831) 296-2106.